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"Essential 7 Discover The Superior Benefits of   the Dietary Nutritional Supplement Formula."

"With Essential 7 we've helped Hundreds of Thousands Improve Their Health through Concentrating and Blending God's Greatest Whole-Foods."

"You Will Feel Better After Taking the Natural Supplement Essential Seven."

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From Amy: Feb 07

Dear Friend,
I am certain that like the thousands of others that use this amazing life changing Whole-Food Nutritional Supplement Essential 7 everyday, you to will benefit greatly. I am a Health Advisor with OneScoopaDay.com and I personally visit with many people every month that testify to the great changes that have occurred in their lives because of Essential Seven Nutritional Supplement.

The Nutritional Supplement, Essential 7 is used as an effective all organic Dietary Nutritional Supplement, that is naturally packed with hundreds of organic nutrients. (They are listed near the bottom of this page.) Essential 7, because of the whole food ingredients, is the most complete and nutrient dense whole-food blend on the planet. Because of it's number one ingredient (Risotriene), it is also a natural organic nutritional supplement that has quick medical health benefits.


What is in Essential 7? 

Food Supplement component #1  RiSoTriene - The main component in Essential Seven Nutritional Supplement. RiSoTriene is a unique, soluble, stabilized rice bran that by itself contains 100+ anti-oxidants and an abundance of natural vitamin nutrients. It is virtually instantly assimilated and so its nutrients feed our body's cells quickly. Which in turn help protect against degenerative diseases, enhances the immune system and provides sustained energy and blood sugar control.
Suggested retail of Risotriene $39.99 - it's in Essential 7

Mineral Supplement component #2  Deep Sea Minerals - The ionic and trace minerals (Co-factors) found in Essential 7 Nutritional Supplement are vital for the optimal health of both men and women, young and old.* Retrieved from 2,000 feet below the ocean's surface in the famed "Zone of Regeneration" waters off the coast of Hawaii this pure source of minerals does not contain toxic minerals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Suggested retail of Kona Minerals $36.99 - it's in Essential 7

Food Supplement component #3
Fiber – The fiber found in Essential 7 Nutritional Supplement is an essential element missing in most of our diets and has a number of health promoting characteristics. Perhaps its most critical role is helping yourBenefiber Fiber Supplement Sugar Free body rid itself of toxins. The Nutritional Supplement Essential 7 fiber also increases your sense of fullness (so you eat less), helps to modulate your blood sugar, and provides food for your body’s “good bacteria”.*
Suggested retail of Fiber Supplement $13.99 - in Essential 7

Natural Supplement component #4  Protein - the whey protein found in Essential 7 (and the rice Protein in "Power Fruits") more resembles the native protein ratios found in human milk. Also, when compared to other proteins these proteins are the most absorbed and utilized by your body. Beside the fact that your body can actually utilize this protein efficiently, one nice side benefit of this is that the protein in Essential 7 Nutritional Supplement does not create gas in your body like other proteins do. The Rice and Whey proteins are is a complete protein, meaning it contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids. Whey is also an excellent source of branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) which play an important role in energy metabolism and muscular function.
Suggested retail of Protein Supplement $29.99 - in Essential 7

Anti Aging Supplement component #5  Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) - The Essential Oils, or Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) found in Essential Seven , are the fats your body needs, Omega's but is unable to produce on its own, so they must be supplemented from the diet. EFA’s are often called “the good fats” because these fats have health benefits.
Suggested retail of Omega Supplement $29.99 - in Essential 7

Immune System component #6  Probiotics -These are the "good" bacteria, or friendly flora", that are vital in helping to fight the "bad" bacteria present in our bodies. In order to benefit us, however, the prNSI  Probiotic with Acidophilus, Rhamnosus, Thermophilus and Bulgaricus -- 100 Capsulesobiotics must "survive" the trip trough our stomach. The probiotic, L. Salvarius, is proven to survive this "trip" so it can help fight infectious disease and strengthen our immune system.
Suggested retail of ProBiotic Supplement $19.99 - in Essential 7

Enzyme Supplement component #7  Enzymes -These are vital for the proper digestion of our food. Without good enzymes, we are more likely to gain weight and feel lethargic.
Suggested retail of Enzyme Supplement $37.99 - in Essential 7

Other ingredients in Essential 7 Nutritional Supplement and their retail values:
Vegetable Blend Concentrates: Found in the All Flavors other than "Power Fruits" -Flash Glanced vegetable blend: (spinach powder, kale powder, parsley powder, polyphenol blend powder 95%, broccoli powder, brussel sprout powder, beet powder, cabbage powder, carrot powder, garlic powder. Value - $29.99

Fruit Blend Concentrates: Found in "Power Fruits" flavor - Proprietary fruit blend: (noni fruit extract, mangosteen powder, acai extract, gogi berry extract, pomegranate fruit powder, blueberry extract) Value - $39.99

Broccoli Selenium - Selenium supplementation is particularly important for individuals with chronic illnesses that are marked by immune deficiency, and for individuals recovering from injuries. Value - $15.99
To get all of the nutrition above in your diet you would spend...

Total =

You get it all in...
Essential 7 = for
$48.00 per single canister or less.

Save an additional $23.40 when you purchase 3 canisters of Essential 7 Nutritional Supplement! - In addition to a 5% discount off your  entire order, you also save $16.20  in shipping charges over the normal shipping costs of receiving them one at a time.

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Anti-Oxidant Power House: Study from Tufts University

Essential 7 Nutritional Supplement, a functional food product has just received an amazing ORAC score that has turned some heads in the nutritional science community. For those of you that are not familiar with ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), this is the latest scientific testing method developed by Tufts University in Boston to measure the level of antioxidant protection of a product. This is important because oxidative stress has been demonstrated to accelerate the aging process in both cells and blood vessels. Oxidative stress also increases the risk of certain types of cancers, coronary heart disease and many other health maladies.

The Essential 7 Nutritional Supplement - Chocolate flavored Dietary Supplement tested a phenomenal score of 21,010 ORAC units daily serving. What does that mean to you and I? The USDA and Harvard School of Public Health recommend we eat a minimum of five servings of fruits and vegetables a day in order to become healthy enough to ward off aging related diseases. Fruits and vegetables contain highly valuable phytonutrients for our health, particularly key antioxidants that are not available in other food groups or vitamins and mineral supplements. An average serving of fruits or vegetables contains approximately 500 ORAC units. The USDA recommendation of five servings of fruits and vegetables daily equates to 2500 ORAC units. It is hard to believe that we can obtain 8 times that much antioxidant power in a daily serving of a nutritional supplement such as Essential 7. For the vast majority of us this becomes very good news since we where falling a little short on the five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.



Dr. Nick Pomonis, recommends Essential 7 to his patients. Get a free sample of Essential 7and a CD with an interview of Dr. Nick Pomonis describing the superlative health benefits of Essential 7.



Before we had children, I was in great shape. I never dreamed I would ever have a weight problem after all I had a bachelor’s degree in dance, performed at Six Flags, and taught dance for several hours every day. Then, little by little, I slowly gained weight. After child number three, I decided enough was enough, and that’s when I discovered Essential 7. I vowed I would get my body in better shape because I was tired of being overweight and not fitting into my clothes. Most of all I wanted the energy to enjoy my family.

When I became pregnant with our fourth child, I had been using Essential 7 for several months and was feeling great! I had more energy than ever before, and I was determined to make this pregnancy different than my others. I drank Essential 7 all through my pregnancy. When I visited my doctor towards the end of my pregnancy, he said, “Dang girl, what are you doing differently? You are going to deliver weighing 20 pounds less than you’ve delivered your other babies!” Needless to say, I owe it all to Essential 7. I was back into my pre-pregnancy clothes within weeks of delivering (not years!). I love the consistent, natural energy that I feel drinking Essential 7. There is no quick zing. I just feel “good” all day long. What is the price for that? To me and my family, it’s priceless! I honestly don’t know what I would do if they ever stopped making Essential 7. It’s how I start my day, and it’s how I end my day

—Kassie B.- Texas

Maryann, Dallas, Texas, 

"Essential 7 is the best." 

Most of the competition for nutrition dollars today goes to many proven failures: Isolated Vitamins, Drugs, and Exotic Juices that ignore the basics organic wholefood nutrition. Maryann says, "There is no competition for Essential 7. Essential 7 changes people's lives for the better. The more you experience Essential 7 the more you will like what you have found."

Norman B. reports that his blood sugar dropped from 200 to 100 in only a few weeks of eating Essential 7. He has maintained these low numbers for many months and reports brain fog gone... energy up and eye sight returning to normal.

Calmness coupled with energy
People who eat Essential 7 realize that their stamina us up and they feel “good”... “calm”... like their body now has something that it was missing. Here’s one woman’s report:

Karin D - eating Essential 7 has made it much easier to train for the marathons she loves to run. In particular, her leg muscles aren’t cramped and worn out. Sometimes, she feels like she could run again right after finishing a race. In addition, she no longer has the “hunt” for food desire. Her body feels calm and satisfied.

My mother fell and broke her knee at age 82. It was very hard for her to get around so she did a lot of sitting. Two years prior to this she had 5 bypasses and a heart valve replaced and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. After this surgery her heart was only functioning at 42%. As she remained inactive waiting for her knee to heal, she had problems breathing, sitting up and lying down. She could hardly walk from her bedroom into the kitchen; she was so out of breath. At that time my doctor told me that if her condition worsened to call 911 and get her to the hospital. She started taking Essential 7 and within a few weeks she started feeling a little better. After six weeks she started walking up and down the hall with her walker exercising. Her breathing improved, she had more energy and now she can walk through Wal-Mart. Her blood pressure and heart rate stabilized; and she has good coloring in her face. When we go to the heart doctor she sits up on the table and swings her feet. The doctor cannot get over how well she is doing. She will be celebrating her 84th birthday this month.
 — Rena F


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